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caleab (
Date:Sat 25 Oct 2008 10:39:22 PM EDT
Subject:2003 A4 1.8
 when it runs.. it is great, but we have put 74000 miles and have a new turbo then "new" rebuilt engine, coil work 3 times, then a fuel pump, then timing belt and water pump. they had our car for 21 days to replace the 1.8t. you think they would have at least put a new timing belt on when they had the engine out. but no they want to charge you 1100 buck later to do that.... AUDI never again.
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Robert Mitcham (
Date:Tue 09 Dec 2008 01:33:36 PM EST
Subject:A4 convertable
  In November of 2007 I purchased a A4 convertable with 40,000 miles on it . A couple of days after I purchased the car my power stearing started making a noise you would only here on Star Wars and the brakes started squeking so I took it in. They said I had a defective blinker and needed new brake pads. So at that pointed I decided to get the extended waranty. They charged me $400 to fix the blinker, $240 for the break pads and about $1950 for the warranty and inspection. I asked about the power stearing and they said you have to put fluid in it on a regular basis. I asked the service consultant were it was going and he actualy said they are just wierd cars. Around 8 months into ownership the back glass started coming loose on the ragtop so I took it in. They said it was not under the warranty and the whole top would have to be replaced for $4650. When I started callind around for a more resonable ofer that the top shops told me they had to replace alot of tops for this make and model under the origanal manufactory warranty. I have received offers from those places between $900 and $1900. When I asked the sevice consultant about this he told me to call Audi. I sent them this same letter and they said I bought the car goodwill and they would put this letter in my file. I believe it should have been recaled but they didn't so when the warranty expires they can say sorry that will be $4650. Not only do they take responsibility when something breakes that shouldn't. They dont take responsibility for defects and they gaulge you in the process. Does anyone have any sugestions to fix my top and get the word out that Audi sucks. PS If pull to close to the curb you will loose your front bumper backing out,the brake pads will always dust your rims and the power stearing still sounds like a light saber. Thank you, Robert
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james blazen (
Date:Wed 18 Feb 2009 12:10:43 AM EST
Subject:Poor you
 I have a 2007 S4 with the same 4.2 litre v8 and it hasn't given me a spot of trouble. the only minor problem is one of the dashboard buttons is a tad sticky, but I spilled some coke on it so it is not the car's fault. is your complaint for real?
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inkvnpebno (
Date:Mon 16 Mar 2009 02:12:41 PM EDT
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mike (
Date:Tue 16 Jun 2009 02:52:25 PM EDT
Subject:you are all on crack
 audi builds great cars..i've had 12 in my family over the last 18 years. i still own 3 and wouldn't drive anything else. cars break what...find a good dealer like i did and be respectfull and they will take great care of you
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Date:Wed 24 Jun 2009 05:26:02 AM EDT
Subject:AUDI sucks... that's for sure !
 I have the worst problem with my AUDI A5 Sline 3.0D 240ch. Since the first day, 3 months ago, I have been able to drive my car only 3 weeks ! The car is having big vibrations while driving between 120 and 130 km/h. They couldn't find any solution with the technical staff in Belgium so the vehicle is now back for 3 weeks to Audi Technical Service in Germany (@ head office)where they are not able to find any solution either It seems that they are having the problems on several Audi A5. I'm sure they will solved it in the next weeks/months but if you want to buy a Audi A5, you should definitively wait a few months otherwise you will probably encounter the same problem as me. A car with a problem that can happend but they should assume it and give me a brand new one ! The worst is that they don't want to communicate anything ! I have to call myself every few days to ask for news. I was BMW for years and decided to change for once. Bad Idea I guess...
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skkkfvbbl (
Date:Sat 25 Jul 2009 01:20:15 AM EDT
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Lawrence Bedosky (
Date:Fri 07 Aug 2009 04:30:28 PM EDT
Subject:04 S2 Town Motors Dealer Issues ...never ending
 I've had this car for over 2 years. Duirng the time it was under factory warranty (18 months), almost 10% of the total mileage was spent going back and forth to the dealership. Endless problems, way too many reoccuring problem, constant staffing changes.. just a mess. I too have the front end clicking and poping issues address about 6 K ago and they are back again. This is after replacing the bushing on both sides. The remote key doesn't work, warning lights continue to come on for no reason.. air bag, washing fluid.. no fix there, The car would not start sometimes, after three times they could not figure out why. I changed the battery ( on my own and it starts everytime now. It was and still is one thing after another. It's not like we are driving some exotic Italian sports car, for Christ's sake! I NEVER had this many issues with Volvos, BMWs or American cars in the past.
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Kat (
Date:Tue 25 Aug 2009 11:28:26 PM EDT
Subject:A4 Stalling in Intersections
 I do not have a death wish: I just wanted a safe car. The Audi A4 was a "safety pick" according to Consumer Reports. Little did I know the reason the crash-test ratings are so high is because the car stalls and I am placed in jeopardy of my life! Better have a highly rated crash-test car because I am going to need it. The car has stalled 4 times in intersections and luckily (being Irish I must have that luck) I have not yet been smashed to smithereens. Audi can never find anything wrong and the car is always diagnosed "at factory specifications." Has anyone else had this problem? Seems to be a major safety issue to me, but apparently Audi of America doesn't view it that way. In California, leases fall under the Lemon Law, as does business use of the vehicle. California has some good law and I may have to test it quite soon.
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dan dixon (
Date:Mon 12 Oct 2009 03:49:27 AM EDT
Subject:audi explosion
 i was driving my audi down a motorway and i heard a noise. i was worried by the noise and pulled over, as i lifted up my cars bonnet there was a firey explosion and i was thrown back and covered with burns... the explosion seems to have come from an oil leak in the engine.
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Ruben Montana (
Date:Thu 26 Nov 2009 02:53:59 PM EST
Subject:My 2001 A4 with 155,000 miles...
 *Dear Moderator...please ignore previous entry and use this one. Thanks at 50,000 miles the cover to the headlight wiper fell off. at 60,000 miles the lcd display went bad, can't see any engine warnings and stuff like that. at 65,000 miles the moon roof started getting stuck and moving back and forth. I have to play with the switch to get it to move. at 70,000 miles the power locks died. at 75,000 the signal lights died at 100,000 miles I started hearing clicking when stearing at 120,000 miles I started hearing squeaking when going over even the smallest bump and low speed. at 130,000 there were holes in one of the turbo hoses and the car had to be smoked in order to find it. at 132,000 miles the ABS computer died at 140,000 miles the air bag light turned on. air bags are no longer working. at 154,000 the fuel pump died. I have the original clutch, transmission, suspension, etc. The car still moves really fast and handles well. I have friends that drive Hondas with over 200K and they have no such problems. My Audi mechanic is well known and well respected, he owns a 2001 S4 which he is selling because he cannot fix it. Next car will be a Honda!
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Peter Garcia (
Date:Sat 19 Dec 2009 03:53:36 PM EST
Subject:Audi is Junk on the Inside
 Here's my horror story with Audi. I bought a used 2004 Audi with 25,000 miles and with 6 months of original warranty remaining. I wanted an Audi because it looks great from the outside, sleek and elegant. I thought I was getting all around high quality, but little did I know about the shoddy mechanical and electrical engineering. During the first year, I drove it very little since I had another car for use. But than I sold my other car and my Audi became my main car, this is when the problems started. I soon found out that the fuel gauge was inaccurate - $600 if I wanted it fixed. The inside overhead light assembly began to rattle. The windows would freeze in the winter with a temperature of only 30F. One of the power windows eventually broke, i had to tape it up to keep it from opening on its own. It began to leak oil because the cam seals were bad. And, finally, I began to have transmission problems; I had trouble putting it into drive and reverse. I was not going to spend thousands to repair this car, as it only had 35,000 miles, I figured there was more problems to be discovered. So ended up selling it at way below blue book value. I'll never buy another Audi.
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Irix (
Date:Wed 06 Jan 2010 04:06:42 PM EST
Subject:UK problems
 I'm having a nightmare myself with Audi UK (non existent customer service), Audi Financial services (which basically do not provide anything that could be considered service) and the dealer Audi Mayfair. I had 5 visits to a service centre in 6 months for a new car, now they claim that there is nothing wrong even if there are still strange noises. The service centre now claim that they were 'identifying problems to charge audi for warranty fixes but they think there is nothing wrong so I cannot return the car'. They keep lying to me and lying to each other and passing the ball. There is no quality in their products and no quality in their service. Buy anything else from a non pretentious a Ford or something!
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Jo (
Date:Mon 11 Jan 2010 12:26:55 PM EST
Subject:Audi A4 2002 Quattro
 I would like to add my Audi nightmare to the list. Back in 2002 I purchased a brand new 2002 A4 w/ Quattro. It was towed within the first 6 mos and then towed another 2 times. It was under warranty so it did not cost me a dime. However, at the time I should have seen this as a RED flag. Once the car was out of warrenty the real fun began. The turbo died at 52,000 miles and had to be replaced. No one at Audi Corporate was willing to look into it and make an exception. They stated there was nothing they could do. The dealership service center could care less b/c all they saw were $$$$ signs. The engine had oil sludge thanks to them stating the oil only needed to be changed every 10k miles. After sinking $3k to fix the turbo, I was finally able to sell it a year and a half later at below book value. No one wanted to buy this piece of junk. It was in great condition and ran great but watch out when service is needed. It will cost you an arm and a leg. I will NEVER buy an Audi again.
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Date:Fri 15 Jan 2010 02:22:53 PM EST
Subject:Clicking noise from Stearing
 I have just purchased a A6 and suddenly I am getting this clicking issues from power stearing and suspension.The person who owned the car has spent around 10k fixing various problems over 5 year when she owned the car. I bought it coz she had literally changed every thing in the car. But I am not sure if the clicking problem will be a major issue later on.
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stuart (
Date:Tue 02 Feb 2010 07:32:52 PM EST
Subject:2010 audi q5 lemon
 I am currently in a battle with Audi, I first reported a problem with the transmission lurching and hesitating 3 days after delivery, vehicle was kept 3 days and software was reflashed, somewhat improved but then the problem got progressivley worse, dealer ordered new valve body for the transmission, 28 days out of service, received car back, bought car back the next day with the same transmission problem,new transmission ordered, new transmission put in, didn't work, another new transmission ordered, vehicle out approx 54 days, requested repurchase or replacement from Audi, they refused, the attorneys are battling the issue now, why can't Audi just admit the car is a lemon?
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xhi (
Date:Thu 04 Mar 2010 02:19:51 AM EST
Subject:audi sucks
 I still owns an audi and it has all the problems in the world... the whole engine and turbo burns out and replaced the radiator broke down after 25000 miles the suspension and coils all changed the electric system fuxks up all the time now the it wont start in the morning... and have to jump start everymorning too scared to go to the dealer did I mention the radio broke down too too much invested to sell.. man... disaster
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Peter (
Date:Sun 26 Sep 2010 11:56:50 AM EDT
Subject:German piece of Crap
 When my grandfather died he left me with his 1999 Audi A4. It was my first car, and I was excited about it, for a little while at least. My driving (because I coudn't have a car at my school) was mostly long periods of having the car sit around, then long bursts of driving (200-300 miles in a day). Then the car started shaking while stopping at a stoplight, and the car started misfiring, so I took it into the shop and the mechanic said that the transmission Box needed to be replaced, along with the spark plugs and something else in the engine. total cost $650 so I was driving and the car was shaking again, so I took it in and said that he didn't know what it was, and to just keep going. Everything was fine for a little while, then the car started whining at me below 3,000 RPM. I took it in again, and the oil pan was falling off, a belt needed to be replaced, and the suspension was all screwy. total cost (plus 10 litres of transmision fluid) $900. now for the kicker, this car hadn't even hit 100,000 miles on it yet, it hadn't even reached 90,000 miles on it, when I finally dumped the car last week (after having a brake lock up as I was driving it to the retailer to get rid of the damn thing), we had pumped over 2,000 dollars in it (because of oil changes and a tyre replacement (not audis fault)) in less than a year since it had been transferred over to me. On top of that, the car needed another couple thousand dollars of work to bring it back up to Mass State emissions, and safety standards. I had only put about 6,000 miles on it (I got it at 76,000) and it was already falling apart I am never buying an audi, VW, or any piece of German Crap again, They engineer the cars to fall apart just after the warranty expires and your leave you paying $1,000 for timing belts (actual cost to replace timing belt in my model) or various small pieces within the car that cost hundreds of dollars to replace. IF your some big shot CEO, then buy an audi, and enjoy the long periods of time that your car will spend in the shop, but if your a student who dosent use the car that much, sell it and buy a better, cheaper one. Trust me, you gonna need every dime for college, and if your pumping most of it into some two bit piece of crap car, well, politely, its pretty frustrating.
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Bill (
Date:Mon 13 Jun 2011 05:29:52 PM EDT
Subject:Audi sucks 2005 A6
 I purchased my 2005 A6 Quattro in April 2009. Bought it used from Legend VW/Audi in amityville,N.Y. it had approximately 45,000 miles on it. I bought the extended warranty that they pushed down my throat saying it covers all mechanical and electrical a-z. February 2011 I brought it in for brake warning light and chimes that wouldnt go away and a trunk latch that didnt want to close when it was cold out unless you slammed it a dozen times very hard and then half the times it closed still showed on dash that it was open.Brake light was low fluid trunk they said wasnothing they could day brake light replaced by airbag light and trunk acts up again. i close it go straight to dealer and drag service manager who told me it was nothing to car and show him dash flashing that trunks open. Now he says oh thats not right somethings wrong. I told him no shit sherlock.After 4 hours of them having my car he shows me the write up on it with my warranty info on it and the huge dollar amounts for new trunk latch and rear center seat belt sensor. I asked what does warranty company say he says oh i didnt call them.This idiot who doesnt work there anymore thought i would go with option B and just pay for it.He told me it will take a little time as they are odd items to go and need of today 6-13-11 still not fixed.He told me the that if it were something common like your engine oh 1 2 3 they would approve.Well April 21 2011 drove my car to get brake pads installed at a local shop.Car ran fine as it does when not broken . Next thing i know car wont start , its back at Legend Audi and they tell me engine jumped timing and engine is blown. They said it could happen anytime. Car had 60,000 miles and all service and oil changes at Legend. Warranty company told the to take motor out of car and strip so they could see ALL damadged parts. They've been wittling away at the motor 1 piece at a time and having inspector there look at it just to say more pieces needed to see. I,ve been waiting since it was towwed there for an answer as to weather they are going to pay for it. What happened to service saying you if you need an engine 1 2 3. As i said in beginning i bought this car from Legend used as i could not afford a new one.Because of this so far ive overmaxed my credit card and depleted my bank account on a rental that no one covers the cost but me. Warranty Co. says 5 days rental after approval Legend says not our problem. So now i walk to work and still wait for them to say yes or no.
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Keith (
Date:Mon 18 Jul 2011 08:49:56 PM EDT
Subject:2009 Audi A4 2.0 TSFI OIL BURNING FEIN
 I purchased my A4 in Aug. 2009 and for the first 5K miles everything was fine, ran great, then my side assist stopped working for no reason. I took the car back to Audi Turnersville in New Jersey and they had the car overnight and since it was at 5K miles they did the first oil change. Once this one done the car began "eating" oil at the rate of 1 quart every 1200 miles. I took the car back and the dealer replaced the PVC valve and said it was faulty. 3 weeks later my low oil light comes on and I am another quart low. This goes on and on, oil consumption test done 3 times, rebuilt the engine piston and rings. By this time my car is out of service for over 40 days and it's at 20K miles. Then to make things worse, the steering starts to develop a shudder at low speeds. This wound up being a TSB and they replaced the hose. After 3 times this is now acting up again for the forth time and it's burning oil at a faster rate; about 1000 miles now. Audi offered me $1,000 dollars "for my troubles". Of course my reply was talk to my attorney. Filed the lemon law suit over 18 months ago and STILL waiting to be heard in court. I will prevail, no doubt but Audi is hoping I'll give in and settle. NOT A CHANCE. Audi will be buying this car back and will owe me a lot of money.
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Date:Wed 05 Oct 2011 05:17:46 PM EDT
Subject:Are you people serious?
 It's like none of you people have ever owned a vehicle before. A car is a machine with thousands of moving parts. Machines break, fail and act funny from time to time. You should know this when purchasing a vehicle: It will have problems. EVERY car has problems, some more than others, some brands more than others. To condemn an entire brand because your specific vehicle has issues and you don't want to pay to fix it, is completely rediculous. And no, I do not own an Audi, I happened to stumble across this hilarious thread of snot-nosed whiners on accident.
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Mathew (
Date:Mon 14 Nov 2011 12:39:31 PM EST
Subject:Audi SUCKS..
 I've an Audi A8. The cat convertors gone. The steering rack n pinion gone Engine Camshaft seals leaked and Engine issues Transmission jumping between 2nd and 3d gear Indicator Flasher Gone Abs Unit gone Axles Sucks CV Joint boot and Tie Rod End gone Ignition coils gone 3 times and I've spare on my car always Sun Roof - 90 percent time it works, rest of the time - my screw driver helps to do it manually back. No kidding I spend a lot of money on this beautifully maintained car and I can't sell it for peanuts. That's the reason I still own it. It's like you married a ***** and once you realized it, Even Divorce is costly based on what you've already spend. I won't advice this car to my worst enemy even. I called Audi USA customer service and they 'simply understand FROM WHERE I COME FROM' and they are 'sorry to hear'.. No lies with this and I'm honest to my mind. So, if anyone wanna get in to Audi - Think at least a DOZEN times and I'd say go for Toyota. I've one Toyota truck and that never give troubles like this.
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kochb01 (
Date:Thu 02 Feb 2012 08:22:33 PM EST
 I have an A6. * The suspension and brakes are not good. 3rd time for brakes and it still does not stop like a car from Europe. * I my engine compartment is also a hidden tool box. I am now have a cool 3/8" ratchet and a faultily sensor. Audi is nothing more then a run of the mill VW. I had problems with my BMW, but BMW made things right by truly standing behind their service. I away a got a cool loner car while a car was in the shop and it did not cost me a dime. It costed time, but no money. I am with you and it's shame Audi sucks. .
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Alan (
Date:Tue 23 Jul 2013 12:51:14 PM EDT
Subject:Cabriolet 2011
 The car is 33 months old but out of warranttee by 2000 miles. The glass came apart from the top. The power seat module got destroyed from water coming in from a clogged air-conditioning drain. Total cost to repair $7800.00 Audi refused to take responsibility. If your smart you'll never buy an Audi!!
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Marty (
Date:Mon 18 Aug 2014 12:02:49 AM EDT
Subject:Audi A6 problem
 My 98 Audi A6 battery completely died. I charged it but when I went to start the engine it didn't want to idle and would only start if I gave it gas. I changed the fuel filter but that didn't help. I was able to drive it around the block many times but it still would want to die if I let it idle too long.
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