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Janice (
Date:Mon 11 Jun 2007 08:14:38 PM EDT
Subject:Went through the same thing...
 Im sorry to hear of this crazy story. Its amazing how the same companies that want the recognition and your money are unwilling to rectify a situation gone wrong. You should press hard with the attorneys until you get a new car!
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Nick Patel (
Date:Mon 11 Jun 2007 10:42:11 PM EDT
Subject:agree with the guy above
 press hard and don't let up...and make sure you get a Honda this time after you're all done. Can't beat the service, warranty, and most importantly the quality.
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Date:Mon 11 Jun 2007 10:56:09 PM EDT
Subject:ME TOO
 Well Let me say, I was proud to say I own an AUDI. Now I dont know if the auto will make it to the next stop. Last September I purchased a red A4, and was pleased with it for about 6 months. I too started to have the clicks when I made turns. I did not experience any squeaking. Took it to the dealership and they told me that they couldent find any thing wrong with it at all. It drives me mad to drive the thing. I have a 03 BMW M3 that is my baby, never a thing out of it. Now my wife has is afraid of the A4 junk and has truned my darling into her daily driver that this piece of shit should have been doing. Did I mention the air conditioning, on about every ten stops the thing blows hot air dealership also told me that there is nothing wrong with it. Hey I want you to know that I have had better service out of my 100,000 mile BUICK Regal company vehicle than I have with this AUDI stuff. I will defently not be recieving any of my money in the future.
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jordan hicks (
Date:Mon 11 Jun 2007 11:32:06 PM EDT
Subject:shitty audis
 audi blows big fat dick... and they just need to take one up the ass! because they are shit soo dont buy one i never will
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miley (
Date:Tue 12 Jun 2007 08:39:44 PM EDT
Subject:audi A4
 yea so i recently got an audi A4 from my parents for a graduation gift from college and a week later the breaks started squeaking. they didnt even start off as a quiet squeak and grow louder, it was just a real loud very embarrassing squeak. so i had it checked out and the mechanics could not find anything wrong with it. a week later i was in an accident, my fault, because my breaks went out on me. now i have to hire a lawyer and plan on suing audi and the mechanics for not finding the problem with my car. my car and two other cars, of course, were totalled. somehow we all got lucky and no one was injured.
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john debone (
Date:Tue 26 Jun 2007 04:56:55 PM EDT
Subject:I feel your pain
 keep up the good work old chap and don't let up on those bastards until you get 1.8T TT tip was an utter nightmare...
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laura (
Date:Mon 23 Jul 2007 10:37:55 PM EDT
Subject:Audi Service Sucks
 oh, I bought a 2001 A4 and from the first couple months problems... It would lose power driving down the interstate. Towed several times to the dealer and told nothing was wrong, even questioned me about my stick driving ability. On one visit to the dealer - 300 miles was put on the car and a belt was found in the back seat! Then someone at the dealer backed into my rental/loaner and I was charged $500, finally the heat seater started on fire and burned my pants and that's what it took, also my boss (a man) calling to his Audi dealer to get a new car. the BBB gave me th best advice, keep track of every phone call, service because the dealer will take it back before its a lemon - because then they RESELL IT, if it meets lemon law requirements, they are stuck with it. Now, I have a 2003 tt and have had minor problems, including the oil plug falling out after a recent scheduled service, my window rolls half way up occassionally and numerous other accounts of poor service. My battery recently died and radio went to safe moe, well, they didn't have my code (the radio was replaced a month after I got the car) so I drove 45 mintues to the dealership tonight and they hadn't put the radio back in? I've had it, they are idiots.
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Annie (
Date:Sat 04 Aug 2007 04:32:35 PM EDT
Subject:I agree
 I agree. I have always owned Hondas. No problems. Ever. My A4 is an expensive piece of junk. The car sucks, the company sucks, the service reps suck and the dealers suck. I regret ever buying an Audi.
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gabby (
Date:Thu 09 Aug 2007 09:51:35 PM EDT
Subject: Audi A6
 Thinking How do I start , DON"T BUY a AUDI how that , I have Audi A6 that spends a week a month at dealer , it slowly melting down it is at dealer right now , for 23 visit , keyless start , GPS, Gas Gauge that just drops to empty or floats , sound system just stops playing god help you if you forget about it and it starts and volume is max ,my a/c would put out flesh burning heat started at 110 degrees but after audi service talk to tech support they was able to get it to 180 degrees , 4 times in shop and oh waited long time for audi tech to come so my car spent about 2 month at audi and 2 months in my garage till i got so worry about it catching fire so i park it outside now , but audi said when at my garage that time don't count , so here what sad i had pleasure of meeting a audi rep and after i left my gas gauge drop to empty , my gps went to black screen , and then my sound system next night went out , I will tell you if your thinking about AUDI ,there is nothing close to Customer Care , or any quick response , if you buy one save every piece of paper , record comments , and never ever go home without a loaner and never bring it home till it has been fix or they say it fix , believe me once that 4 rings of H---starts to act up it never fixed
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Cornelius Gallagher (
Date:Fri 17 Aug 2007 10:46:16 PM EDT
 I leased a 2003 Audi A4, brand new. Within the first 6 months, I had to replace the entire engine, the whole transmission and broke down repeatedly due to "wiring" issues, which took 5 times breaking down to fix. I tried to sue Audi, but supposedly the Lemon law doesnt apply to leases. So basically, you pay for the lease and your car could break down 2000 times, and all they have to do is continue to fix it....and never offer you another car. Also, I only received a loaner car about 35% of the time. In the first two years of my lease, my car was in the shop 114 days. I WILL NEVER BUY AN AUDI AGAIN. THE WORST.
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steve (
Date:Sat 25 Aug 2007 01:51:30 PM EDT
 i have had an audi for 2 trouble free years now. it just seems that 1 person said my audi was horrible, and then got a bunch of people to agree with him/her about it. you obviously just dont like the car, and just made them things up just cause you dont like the car.
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Angelo (
Date:Sun 26 Aug 2007 01:04:21 AM EDT
Subject:In response to Steve
 Steve, Thank you for your post. I am trying to make sense of what you are saying, and I think you mean to say that I do not like the car, therefore I convinced some people to post on my forum. Correct me if I am wrong. Steve, I do like the car. I do not like the way I am being treated. I am an Audi fan, they make great cars. Why else would I buy an S4? The S4 is one of their flagship cars. It's one thing to get an A4, but to get an S4, that usually means you are an Audi fan, considering one is willing to shell out $60,000. What I do NOT like is that I got stuck with a car that has defects, and Audi, despite me being a RETURN customer (this is my 3rd Audi), is treating me like total crap. I was actually considering purchasing an S6, but the way things are now, the chances are low. Which Audi model do you have Steve?
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Doug (
Date:Thu 06 Sep 2007 11:16:40 AM EDT
Subject:2005 Audi TT
 I'm a car enthusiast and have owned several luxery cars. I traded in a 560 SL for my TT and boy do i regret it. 3 new stereos, side panels replaced, top leaks consistently, glove compartment won't stay shut and the iceing on the cake all of my tires had rotted out at 25 thousand miles. In total my car has been in the shope 45 days. How as Audi handled the situation, at best lousy. When i would need a loaner i had to beg for one, and when asked is this normal, the kind of problems i've had and , i would never get a straight answer. But, try making an appoitment and it takes a week to get it in or call Audi customer service and you wait 20 minutes for representative. Never these issues with Mercedes and Lexus, I trade my car in every 3 years and it won't be an Audi. Beware folks.
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Date:Fri 21 Sep 2007 04:18:43 PM EDT
 I suppose there is some comfort to be had in reading everyone else's problems. As for me, my (soon to be former) '01 A6 has been a nightmare. The final straw came this week when I took it in for service for a rough idle only to find that the cam lifters are shot and it wil cost $6,100 to repair. I'm not spending another dime on this junk. Just clearing the check engine light and trading it in.
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Tony (
Date:Wed 10 Oct 2007 03:41:43 AM EDT
Subject:no topic
 why dont you get service at Audi of huntington instead. Its free and they actually know what they are doing. The only people that go to Legend Audi are people who do not know any better.
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gary (
Date:Tue 06 Nov 2007 04:54:50 PM EST
Subject:Audi Financial
 Our recent experience with Audi Financial at lease end, has not been a good one. They are trying to charge an extra 1,000 for excess damages that were non-existent. They say the car is sold and cannot bring it back, for another estimate. A third party they hired came to the lot and surveyed the car. I have since found out that money may exchange between these parties, and the amount may vary according to what the surveyer declares. We have another car (a Quatro wagon) due in a few months, and this one also has me worried. It has soured my taste for every getting another Audi.
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Gregory Spence (
Date:Sat 24 Nov 2007 02:41:49 PM EST
Subject:And I Thought It Was Me!
 I feel your pain and frustration and support you 100%. My trials with Zumbach and AoA started when the TB and VR were issued to replace the lower control arms on the D2 chassis A8. Zumbach flat refused to honor the recall notice and AoA would ONLY agree to pay for one replacement ONLY when in fact there are two replacements necessary. Next trip was a failed tiptronic after having being serviced by the same clowns and of course they accepted no liability. Third disappointment was a failed timing belt and resulting head-job, that 13-months later had to be redone because the prior work was done poorly. As reported to me by an independent engineering and machinist shop, the right head was milled but done incorrectly so that a variance of 1.5mm - 3mm could be detected across the mating surface of the head. Oh, and let me not forget the three headlight switches I've had to replace in as many months! I've since jumped ship and left the Four Rings behind. My suggestion to you; obviously you appreciate sporting performance, luxury, reliability and technical excellence in conjunction with all-wheel drive, correct? I recently test drove Acura's RL and Infiniti's M. The RL won. Best wishses.
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AudiBMWBenzhater (
Date:Thu 20 Dec 2007 07:27:46 AM EST
Subject:German cars can suckmykiss
 I find it quite amusing to see people that hold so much pride in the cars they drive. It surely is a symbol of status isn't it. Therefore, to be criticized for their vehicle's unreliability somehow equates to owners incompetence or having made a bad choice on a car, and therefore indirectly ridiculed and punished by others criticism. And most importantly, this hurts their ego. And nobody wants to be ridiculed or mocked, especially after spending so much money on a giant piece of metal. It is all about pride isn't it? Like I said, to some people, their car is an extension of their ego. And I find this to be truer in the german automobile market than any other. Just walk into a show room of any german car dealer vs. a japanese car dealer. You'll notice the haughtiness and arrogance in the sales men's attitude in a german dealership. I've been to several german dealerships in orange county and managers all referred to lexus, acura, infinity as overpriced toyotas. They make it sound as if their cars are ferraris and lamborghinis being compared to a pinto. And would you dare to ask for a discount? what a shameful act! How could you? Afterall, you're buying a BMW, the ultimate driving machine. If you have a sensitive ego, I suggest you don't ask for one. Such pride and arrogance I see in these lowly (uneducated) sales men roaring behind their over-rated product is simply appauling. It is time to erase the false mindset of believing european supremacy. Afterall, who started it all? Hitler.
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Sean (
Date:Sat 02 Feb 2008 07:48:46 PM EST
Subject:I look at it and I love it, It goes to the shop I hate it!
 Well I have been battling some of the same things that everyone else has, it sounds like. I live in Fresno, CA there is only one Audi dealer in a 100 mile radius (Michaels Automotive). The car goes into the shop about every 2-3 weeks. I have dealt with things such as: Rusted Engine Coils (2 times), Oil Sensors, O2 Sensors, Trunk Latch, Gas Lid Latch, Electrical Headlight issues, Burning Oil, Window Washer Reservoir Leak, the longer that I sit here and think back the more I think of. The dealer took over 3 days to get the oil changed with an appointment. I contacted Audi in Germany and they sent it over to Audi of America, They sent and investigator out to the dealership to diagnose the car with it was burning oil. They told me that it was normal to burn that much oil. I love the car but I hate the car too. It is a money pit. I want to keep it but I can not live with a car that is in the shop all the time. I want a Q7 but not if this will continue in it too. I think that I am finished with Audi/VW. They are no longer the “Car for the People”.
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Phil (
Date:Sat 16 Feb 2008 02:32:22 AM EST
Subject:you're not the only one
 I live on Long Island, I've had the same problem with my 2006 S4(the horrible service, bringing them to court,getting blamed with speeding and abusing the car..etc) with my Audi Dealership also (Biener Audi)...I've had my Power steering die 4 times so far, Cd player,my door blades fell off when it got too hot out (this was bought brand new), flickering of the headlights, tools left in my engine bay, i've even got a complementary bottles of power steering fluid of from them, cause they left 4 bottles of it in my car...i was considering moving up to an RS4...but after this i've realized the 2006 S4 models are just horrible and should have been recalled
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Wayne Camarro (
Date:Thu 28 Feb 2008 08:48:25 AM EST
Subject:2008 A4 Lemon
 I've had an '08 A4 for about 5 weeks, just hit 2115 miles and the car died. ( yes, that's 2 thousand miles) Oil pressure light came on then it sputtered and stalled. Audi Care came, (after 2 hrs) and towed it to the local dealership. they were great and promptly go me into a loaner, an '07 A4. There was a specialist at the dealership who immediately said it was going to be a major repair. They took a week to find out that the timing chain slipped and it threw a cam, ( and to rule out it was anything I might have done), the entire engine has to be rebuilt. It's been 3 weeks now, ( parts are on back order) and could be an additional 1 or more til it's done. Problem is I don't want it back. I bought a NEW car and expect a NEW car, not a rebuilt one. For the price I'm paying it should be a no brainer. I could have saved a lot of money buying a "lesser" car, but I mistaken thought Audi meant quality. Audi of America has been terrible to deal with, stringing me along, not returning calls, finally I got word today, that they want to waive 2 months payments for my inconvenience, and repair, but not replace the car, I said no way. I've written to the president of Audi of America, the director of Customer relations, and even my state's newspaper's consumer advocate columnist. Hopefully something good will come out of this, I love the car, and all I want is what I've paid for, a NEW car, in working order that is. I've contacted my lawyer to pursue lemon law violations.
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Brandon (
Date:Thu 27 Mar 2008 02:04:36 AM EDT
Subject:Here's the problem with Audi
 ...Here's the problem with Audi... On 1/4/08 I went into the local BMW dealership sat down with the salesman and customized my 335xi coupe exactly how I wanted it, color of leather, options etc. My salesman sent me 4 emails during construction of my car letting me know when it was in the body shop, when it was shipping etc. I felt like I was tracking my BMW through the entire build process. On 2/15/08 my salesman called and told me my 335 was ready for pickup. 41 days and I had my 335 with all the options I wanted, EXACTLY the way I built it on BMW's website. Tonight my brother went into the local Audi dealership and said he would like to customize an S5 and put an order in. The salesman said something like - Oh we can't get any S5's, your looking at 10 months at the least and even that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a car. And you can't really customize a build, you kinda just have to take what comes available. So for $60k you can wait 10 months and *maybe* get a car, and maybe it’ll be in a color you like and maybe have the options you want. My brother also inquired about storing summer/winter tires, to which the response was we’ll we don’t really do that unless maybe if you buy the tires here. And on top of all of this the salesman NEVER stood up off his ass, he was sitting on a chair typing on a computer. My brother was so annoyed he walked around his desk to see what he was typing and he was typing emails! I know responding to his emails is important but for hell’s sake you’ve got a customer here who wants to buy a $60k S5 get off your ass and show some customer service. Is this pretty much the way most Audi dealerships operate or do we have a really shitty one here? If the sales experience is this shitty I can only imagine what awaits him should he need to use the service department!! After this experience my brother is looking into a BMW 335xi coupe himself. It’s too bad because I love the S5 but with the horrible sales experience and Audi’s inability to build enough cars to meet demand just kills the deal for me. After this experience no one in our family will ever be walking into an Audi dealership again.
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Jonn (
Date:Wed 16 Apr 2008 01:12:41 PM EDT
Subject:Audi sucks
 And the value diminishes faster that a Pontiac WTF.
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Scott (
Date:Tue 22 Apr 2008 05:22:30 PM EDT
Subject:2005.5 A4 from Hell
 Over the weekend my wonderful Audi A4 with 27000 miles on it died and had to be towed by Audi road side assistance to the nearest Audi Dialer. I have the best warranty you could get at the time on this car. With me more then 60 miles from home the best Audi or the dealer ship would do for me was give me the number to a cab services. Thanks Audi. This is what you get for $40,000. Oh ya I had to also find my own way beck to the car when it was fixed.
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Brent (
Date:Tue 06 May 2008 02:12:11 PM EDT
Subject:My A4 is garbage. Broken at 900 miles.
 I had this car for two weeks and the clutch burnt out, the car has 900 miles on it. The dealer and Audi claim that it isn't a warranty problem and are insisting I pay for the repair. I've been driving a standard transmission car for 15 years and have never had this problem. When I contacted Audi of North America I got the standard, "We will look into it and get back to you," response. Audi of Downtown LA and Audi North America are disgusting companies. I had a BMW and Porsche prior and never had any problems. I hate this car and regret purchasing it.
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